Recently, a bunch of homeless people have decided to create a ‘Tent City’ in a sorry attempt to claim that it is fair ground for them to camp on and be homeless at. It’s been happening at Martin Place, in Sydney, and is an absolute joke that these people think they can just live in one of the busiest spots in the city. The silly buggers are getting destroyed by the police, but a beautiful story has arisen over the past couple of months. It’s about love at first sight.

A sheila named Kellyanne Luke (bogan) was sweeping the leaves away from her tent to keep the squatting area tidy (how classy!) before she laid eyes on the man of her dreams. This lucky fella, Matthew Mawson, played his cards exactly right, and the lucky couple have fallen in love! This is not a movie guys, you can’t write scripts like this. So as time passes the cute couple start to flirt, and even start bantering about getting married!

Banter turned to reality, and Matty made his move. He asked for her old man’s permission, had it granted, and finally proposed to her under the Harbour Bridge. What a setting, what a lucky couple. The wedding is going to be medieval themed as well. These guys are such romantics, I wish that more people fell in love like this.

Shoutout to Matty too, because Kellyanne is a mother of 6! It’s not easy jumping into a relationship like that but Matt has just thrown caution to the wind and has found the love of his life with a family ready to go.

What a love story.