My disposition towards lists like this is to panic. I’m not telling any porkies here but I legitimately almost started crying when I read the list of things that would happen. Here’s my reason for panic before I breakdown his list. His predicting these things happen in 2050. 2050 is just over 30 years away. 30 YEARS. I mean, forgive me, I’m young, but that does not seem like a long enough time for these things to happen. I’ve seen Science Fiction movies. The robots are going to take over. Why we do these things to ourselves I don’t know, but humans have lived for over 60000 years without robots. Why do we need them now?

1. Driverless vehicles

I hate this idea so much but I’ve reached the point where reality has beaten me into submission and I’ve accepted it. This stuff is going to happen, probably soon. Forgive me, but I want a human flying me in a plane, not some robot that can be hacked by some dude in his living room. Forgive me.

2. You see the doctor every day

I think most humans hate going to the doctor. It admits something is wrong and we don’t like that. I don’t want some non-human telling me everyday there’s something wrong with my body. Life is stressful enough, I don’t want unnecessary panic.

3. You get to see dead people act in movies

I guess this is just a more developed version of CGI. It’s creepy but I could live with it I guess.

4. A computer hires and fires you

Probably for the best in terms of firing, hearing bad news from a human sucks for both parties. But hearing good stuff from a human is uplifting and a completely different story. Take the good with the bad on this one though I guess.

5. You talk to rooms

This is just weird. I want my private thoughts unheard I don’t want my walls spying on me. This is some Big Brother type deal that I’m just not into. Goodbye privacy.

6. Robot criminals

This is kind of funny I guess but let’s leave this stuff to real people? Once robots become criminals you know the world has gone down a rabbit hole that you can never recover from. Some simple blokes doing the crime suits me just fine.

7. Robot sports teams dominate

This just isn’t fun. It rules out all the enjoyable things from watching sport. The human error, the bad decisions, all of it would be gone with this. I don’t want to watch perfection. I want people to make mistakes while they do their job so that I can laugh at them while I smash a VB with a couple of mates. There’s nothing better in life than that.

8. Driverless cargo transport

This seems like a way for expensive things to get stolen. I hate driverless anything. Just stop with it.

9. TV news made with no humans

The news anchors on TV now are boring as watching paint dry anyway, so swapping from a robot with no charisma to an actual robot with no charisma is not such a big deal.

10. Humans live after death???

This is the one that made me cry. An accumulation of all of the above, but mostly this one. Apparently you leave behind some “AI chatbot” (???) who talks like you, walks like you, looks like you, after you die, just to confuse the living daylights out of your family and friends or something. Could you imagine anything worse? Knowing someone you love has died or whatever but you get a robot reincarnation of them every time you turn a corner? If this happens, surely you’d have to ask what has humanity come to? If I’m alive for something like this, I’d be shocked, but hopefully that never happens.

Robots are weird, I wish humans should stop with them. Something like this can’t possibly end well.