This one is disgusting but fascinating. A 16 year old boy was going for a swim and felt pins and needles in his leg as he was doing so. He thought it was the cold. Couldn’t be more wrong mate. Little insect sea lice things were gnawing away at his leg and they absolutely mauled it. Just look at the damage on the poor bloke’s ankles. 

Just a whole pile of nope. Can’t help but admire the young fella, thinking absolutely nothing off it at the time. Going back for another dip to get rid of the ‘sand’ on his legs when he couldn’t rub them off. 

Apparently, once he got back to the hospital he was just leaving piles of blood on the floor. Could you imagine being in the waiting room at the same time as him? Just nursing your really swollen wrist or something for 5 hours and see this bloke walk in bleeding uncontrollably. Right then and there your complaints for waiting too long in that crappy room would stop and just be sorry that you’re even there with your wimpy injury. And so it should. I’d never want to see something like that. 

In a true blue move, his dad went back out to the beach with a piece of raw meat and a net to catch the little buggers that destroyed the battler’s leg. They destroy the piece of meat too. It couldn’t be happy viewing for the kid. 

Beware of Brighton Beach.