So we’re going across the ditch for this story but it’s one so good it’s worth discussing. A 19 year old ‘man’ got a face tattoo of the word(?) “DEVAST8” across his face, covering the entire area below the chin. The bloke got it done by his brother, while in jail, after a night of heavy drinking. As you do. He’s been offered free laser removal by some company trying to get their name out there but after one session he called it quits. He only wanted it removed to get a job, and after offers came flooding through he decided against it.


Seriously, can you imagine the canastas on this bloke? Getting a face tattoo is absolutely absurd, and one of this proportion is incredible. When I look at any picture of him I can’t help but laugh and the poor bloke. It’s incredible.

It took 8 and a half hours to complete. EIGHT AND A HALF HOURS. I think that’s 510 minutes. Can you imagine sitting there for that long? The conversation must have been incredible.

“Hey bro, when are you gonna be done on this tattoo ay, it kinda hurts bro”

“Oh no worries bro it’s looking sweet az probably another three hours bro it’ll be done real quick bro”

Can he even talk during the process? You’d be sitting there with your whole face in pain, and you don’t want it to be stuffed up. Although, looking at it, I don’t think it would matter if it stuffed up. It’s the ugliest thing I’ve seen in my life.

This is what we are up against people. Incredible.

P.S. Respect to his brother for doing the deed for such a long period of time, and making the ink from scratch. Makeshift needle and fermented food and you produce a beauty like that? I can’t help but respect the inventiveness.