A Brissie woman named Kath has taken to FaceBook to try and scold Woolworths for having a bullet in her kangaroo steak.


I will believe most things people tell me, but this one is crazy. There’s no possible way that 1 of the 2 biggest supermarkets in the country is letting bullets go through an entire steak preparation process before reaching the shelves. Come on lady. Accusing them of that is the craziest of crazy talk.

The ‘bullet’ doesn’t really even look like the shell of a bullet. Having seen bullet shells with my own two eyes I can confirm there’s no way this is a bullet. It’s probably a piece of foil she’s crinkled up the sneaky fox. And it’s just on top anyway? It’s not even lodged in the kanga, it’s just laying out on top. It falls off somewhere along the line, or cutting into it makes the steak look ugly, not the way it is in that photo.

The kind of person who eats kangaroo at home in the first place is also the kind of person to pull this stunt.  I can forgive it at a restaurant, just to try – I’ve done that, but no way can you cook a roo at home and be sane. The two don’t mix. It looks like a really nice piece too, not one that still has the bullet in it.

The cherry on top is that the post has been deleted from the Facebook page. Viral  posts like this stay on the internet when they are true, because the company wants to show how they help their customers. It has to have been deleted by her. She’s a liar. This sheila’s clearly not a very good sort. Fair dinkum.