I don’t know about this. They’ve had some idea where people will get in a bus with no driver and travel. Granted, it’s only being trialled around Sydney’s big stadium complex but I really don’t like this idea. 

At the best of times, drivers in Sydney are so bad. They are seriously shocking. Why would a machine be better? All it does is stop and start but how can it account for the drivers who don’t indicate and cut across 4 lanes of traffic? You can’t stop that. 

Why do people trust machines with their life this much? Like planes and stuff are fine because there’s a human in there to take over if there’s trouble, but on a driverless bus? What about me when the bus malfunctions and just starts ploughing into the car I’m driving? 

People who get into these no human transport vehicles have to be crazy. Could it be a good thing? If the bus crashes it would get rid of crazy people. Hmm. 

What about hackers taking over the bus and going crazy and trying to kill people? New age terrorism or something. Something just isn’t right about this.

 It’s unaustralian anyway. The angry blokes and Sheila’s who drive buses are an important part of Aussie life. You can’t take them away and replace them with a machine. What happens then when a 12 year old kid gets on the bus without their pass? Who’s going to yell at them then? What a sad story.